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6May 2014
May 6, 2014

Northey Street City Farm Organic Farmers’ Markets Every Sunday

Northey Street City Farm Organic Farmers’ Markets

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by Dan Berryman (subscribe )

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Sunday morning had us heading down to the Northey Street Organic markets to do the Fruit and Veggie shopping.

We have been coming down here for over a year now, and felt that it was time to share this fantastic place with our friends and Brisbane. Everything here has to be organic, I believe its a condition of entry. You will find farmers from all over South East Queensland selling their produce here.

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I will say from experience, this is by far the best quality produce you will find anywhere. There is also the organic butchers, bakers and i think candlestick makers are here too. Have breakfast here, organic sausage and egg sandwiches, even Indian food is available. You can even have a massage. Get your organic oranges and apples for squeezing your own fresh juice. And hey, my wife says its cheaper and better quality than our local supermarket.

All I know is the food taste great, so much flavour and makes you feel like you have eaten something, just like it used too when I was a kid. Rain hail or snow, but it is Brisbane so mostly sunshine, these markets are open. Start your Sunday with a nice walk around a true organic market, its worth the trip.

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